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Video Games for Comic Lovers: Telltale Games Spotlight

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I’m Mariko and I usually write over at, but today I’m taking over Stacey’s corner of the internet to tell you about some video games that are perfect for comic book readers like you all.

Now, while there have been plenty of video games that have featured comic book characters, I think it’s fair to say that most of them weren’t particularly successful in capturing what we love about comic books (Superman 64 anyone?). Comics are about compelling characters and cliffhanger endings, not trying to fly through hoops for hours. And to that end, I would say that one video game developer has nailed the market on games for comic lovers: Telltale Games.

Inspired by the LucasArts adventure games of the 90’s, Telltale has managed to revive the adventure game genre and renew interest in narrative focused games with their cell-shaded art style and episode release schedule. The Telltale gameplay formula is very story focused, with you interacting with them more like how you would a Choose Your Own Adventure novel than a traditional video game. Decisions matter, and you’re forced to make them quickly, which can be pretty stressful, but you are rewarded with great characters and surprisingly storylines.

Here are my picks for must play Telltale titles:


The Wolf Among Us

Video Games Comic Lovers
image source: Gamespot

Based on the classic Vertigo comic book series, Fables, The Wolf Among Us centers on the sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby, a.k.a. The Big Bad Wolf. Retaining the adult tone of Fables, The Wolf Among Us owes more than a little to film noir with Bigby tasked with investigating the murders of a series of Fabletown’s female residents, unveiling a dangerous and vast conspiracy. Special props are also due for Telltale’s portrayal of Snow White as an incredibly capable woman, outside of her potential romance with Big B.


The Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2)

Video Games Comic Lovers
image source: Videogamer

Based more on the comics by Robert Kirkman than the TV show, The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2 center on two new survivors, ex-con Lee and 8 year old Clementine. Unlike other zombie games that focus on pulse quickening action, The Walking Dead games are all about agonizing and time dependent decisions with no ‘right’ choice, forcing the playing into the shoes of the characters.


Game of Thrones

Video Games Comic Lovers
image source: Telltale Games

Based more on the HBO show than the novels by George R.R. Martin, the Game of Thrones game has you deciding the fate of the Forrester clan, another Northern noble house that were loyal to the Starks. Set in between seasons 3 and 4, the game also features cameos by a number of Game of Thrones characters, all played by their TV show actors. Again, this is a dark and adult story game with shocking twists, just like the TV show.


Tales From The Borderlands

Video Games Comic Lovers
image source: Kotaku

Based on the RPG-shooter hybrid series of games, Tale From The Borderlands continues the story game tradition Telltale is now known for, but this time with the humour cranked to 11. You don’t need to have played any of the other Borderlands games in order to appreciate Tales as it features mostly new characters trying to scheme their way to riches on Vault littered Pandora. But, don’t let the focus on humour fool you, there are just as many great, human characters in this game and the decisions are no less heart wrenching than in other Telltale games.

Have you played any games by Telltale? Which are your favourites and why?


10 thoughts on “Video Games for Comic Lovers: Telltale Games Spotlight

  1. The Wolf Among Us looks gorgeous!! I’ll definitely have to check that one out. And I loved playing their Game of Thrones game, but just like with the books and show, it always bummed me out when someone I cared about died:(

  2. I actually have The Wolf Among Us on my phone, I just haven’t started playing it yet 🙂

  3. I haven’t played any of these games to tell the truth. You know I’m so hung up on Dragon Age: Inqusition. However they are in my queue of games to play. I play to play them after I get through AC Chronicles. But I really love Telltale games. I really liked Back to the Future from them.

    1. I’ve watched people play it, it looks awesome. I will also have to check it out for myself at some point.

    1. Admittedly I haven’t played any of them but have heard amazing things. I will definitely have to check them out now that Mariko made me aware of them!

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