This Week in Geekdom: September 6 – September 12, 2015

There’s been exciting news for fandoms across the board this week, so let’s see what happened This Week in Geekdom:

Market Research Shows That Women Now Account for More Than 50% of Comic Readers

image source: Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir by Liz Prince via The Elkhart Truth
image source: Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir by Liz Prince via The Elkhart Truth

According to the comics analysis site Graphic Policy females now account for 53% of comic readers – a 40% jump from 3 years ago. The resurgence in female comic readers is said to be due likely in part to the internet and the ability for women to have more access to comics (especially for women who have felt belittled after visiting a not-so-female-friendly comic shop), but also for allowing women to have a voice. Females now have an outlet to voice their opinions on the fate of so many popular female characters (rape, murder, or forced marriage) and publishers are listening! While comics have diversified immensely in the last few years, there’s still a need for improvement – less than 30% of characters and writers are women. Despite the less-than-stellar statistics on female characters and female comics writers, the fact that female readership has gone up so dramatically is amazing news (Via Ozy).

Harry Potter Themed Bar Opens in Toronto

image source: Instagram: thelockhartto
image source: Instagram: thelockhartto

The Lockhart (named after the worst Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher ever) opened this past week and made worldwide news. The bar located in Toronto’s west end is themed around Harry Potter, which caused just about every Potterhead near Toronto to rush to make reservations. The bar is full of subtle references to the novels that only a Potterhead would appreciate, such as the “All Was Well” sign, Harry Potter POP! Figures, and hidden Deathly Hallows symbols, to name a few. The bar is designed to look like an apothecary and features themed drink names and food items such as  “Ludo’s Debt” and “The Shacklebolt”. Don’t worry Potterheads, they’re working on adding Butterbeer to the menu too! You better believe I’ll be making a trip to this bar the next time I’m in Toronto (via Now Toronto).

Jessica Jones Gets a Release Date

This week Marvel released the first video for their new Netflix original series – Jessica Jones. The video served as an announcement for the series’ premiere date which is set for November 20, 2015 (via YouTube)

Supernatural Season 11 Trailer – “The Darkness”

If you’re a Supernatural fan like I am, this week’s season 11 trailer left you reeling. “The Darkness” has us once again questioning what we should believe in, and has the Winchester’s looking for help in unexpected places. Season 11 premieres October 7th on The CW (via YouTube).

What did you think about Supernatural’s Season 11 trailer? Are you looking forward to Jessica Jones? What was your favourite news this week? Let me know in the comments. Until next week…



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