This Week in Geekdom: August 16 -22, 2015

Let’s check out what happened This Week in Geekdom

Hayley Atwell Doctor Who

image source: HeyUGuys
image source: HeyUGuys

Everyone’s favourite spy – Hayley Atwell of Agent Carter fame, single-handedly made fangirl hearts explode this week. In response to a fan’s Twitter question about whether Hayley would like to appear on Doctor Who, Hayley said that she would like “to BE Doctor Who”, check out the tweet here. (via EW)

We have yet to see a female Doctor, but who knows…maybe Hayley is the female lead they’ve been waiting for. What are your thoughts on Hayley as Doctor Who?

Yvonne Craig Batgirl Passed Away

image source: frisur mode
image source: frisur mode

In sad news, Yvonne Craig, the actress known for her role in the 1960s as Batgirl in Batman passed away on Monday after a two year battle with breast cancer. A trailblazer for female superheroes, and known activist for equal pay for women and free mammograms, Yvonne’s importance as a role model for women didn’t end with her role as Batgirl. Thoughts are with her family. You can read the full obituary on her website.

Amazing Spider-Man Spinoff Comic

image source: The Hollywood Reporter
image source: The Hollywood Reporter

Agent Carter writer Jose Molina will be penning a new Amazing Spider-Man spin-off series. Spider-Man will find himself up against the undead in Harlem and perhaps more importantly the Santerians – an obscure group known to deal with issues of religion and faith. Molina said that he wanted to bring something to the series that Spider-Man hasn’t really dealt with in the past – questions of faith.  The series is set to launch in November. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

What do you think about seeing Spider-Man grapple with his ideas of faith?

I apologize for the short news post this week and the lack of a feature image, I’m on vacation (I know, how dare I?!). I’ll be back to regular posting the first week of September but let me know what your favourite news of the week has been in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “This Week in Geekdom: August 16 -22, 2015

  1. I’m conflicted on the whole female Doctor thing. A part of me would love to see it, another part is like… that’s not how regeneration works! Following that logic though, we wouldn’t have a doctor now. Ugh… My brain is going in circles now.

    The Spider-Man faith thing… that’ll either be really great it really bad. Gotta wait and see, I guess.

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