ROUNDUP: Gifts & Cards For Your Geeky Valentine

Valentine’s (or GALentine’s) Day is in two days, and as someone who has never celebrated or really understood the appeal of the holiday, I decided it was the perfect time to introduce you all to some of my favourite geeky bloggers by way of a roundup!

If you’re looking for anything from printable valentines to gift ideas, these lovely ladies have some awesome geeky Valentine’s posts up that you have to check out!


  1. Celebrate GALentine’s day with these awesome gifts via Ashlee at hergeekery

  2.  Is your Valentine a little on the nerdy side? Check out these gift ideas via Danielle at From Girlie to Nerdy
  3.  Make something special for your Valentine with these homemade chocolates via Jessica from Two Married Geeks
  4.  Store bought Valentines can be so boring, check out these printable Valentines from all your favourite fandoms via The Nifty Nerd
  5.  If you’re looking for more fandom-related valentines here are a bunch more options from Michelle at A Geek Girls Guide


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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