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I was tagged by Katie from That Geek Online to do the Fall Tag. This isn’t something I typically do on the blog but figured why not? I wanted to get something up for you guys while I get some awesome posts and reviews ready. So let’s get started shall we?

Coffee, tea, coffee?


Coffee, but mainly espresso drinks. My typical order at my favourite cafe is an almond milk mocha or a vanilla latte with almond milk. In the summer I like the occasional iced coffee too, and when I’m sick or it’s super cold in my house I’ll have a black or herbal tea.

Best fall memory?


The one tradition my family has in the fall is going to Downey’s Farm to pick pumpkins. We’ve gone to the same farm since I was about 2 years old and that’s always what I look forward to come October.

Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?

Winged eyeliner I guess? I’m awful at makeup so I’d never be able to do it though.

What is autumn like where you live?


Perfect…usually. Fall is my favourite time of year, it’s cold but not OHMYGODMYEYEBALLSAREFROZEN like it tends to be in the winter. Essentially it’s sweater weather and given my love of sweaters that alone is enough to make it my favourite season. Also, the city I live in is so beautiful in the fall, there are a lot of tree-lined streets so when the leaves change it’s just an amazing place to drive around and see the fall colours (I’m not going to lie I chose to come here for university because we visited in the fall and the campus was so breathtaking).

Most worn sweater?

HAHAHAHA…you’re kidding me right? You want me to answer this? ME? A known sweater hoarder?! Seriously though…I have SO MANY SWEATERS, and I wear them all equally. I do really love my old man sweater which kind of looks like this but it’s a women’s sweater and it’s from Sears. I also have one with a puppy on it that makes me really happy.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Uhhh…jumping in leaf piles? I guess? I don’t really partake in either.

Skinny jeans or leggings?

Skinny Jeans, the concept of leggings being worn as pants for anyone over the age of 10 makes me so angry.

Combat boots or Uggs?

Combat boots, I never have and never will own a pair of Uggs.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Ew, no. Pumpkin anything is disgusting, and I also don’t like cinnamon…

Favourite fall TV show?

Does this mean like TV shows that star in the fall? Or like a fall-themed TV show? If it’s a show that starts in the fall then Grimm and Supernatural are at the top of my list. If it’s a fall-themed TV show then I’m going with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

What is your favorite fall lip product?

Lip balm? I don’t really wear lipstick or lip gloss or anything like that. Right now I’m using the mint EOS lip balm, but I bounce between brands but the flavour is usually mint.

What is your favorite fall nail polish?

I don’t have a brand or anything but black? I wear black occasionally all year round but I have a tendency to wear it more often than not in the fall. The last black nail polish I had was Sally Hansen…which reminds me I need to buy a new one.

The scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

I’m not easily scared. I don’t think I’ve ever been scared by a movie, I usually just laugh the whole time at how awful they are. Although I do love anything with Freddy Krueger in it.

What is your favorite fall candle?

Anything as long as it can go in my awesome candle holders…


What is your favorite fall accessory?

Does a sweater count as an accessory?

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

image source: Giphy

Casper! Halloweentown is a close second though.

What is your favorite candy to eat on Halloween?

Coffee Crisp. I hoard the coffee crisp. I also love candy corn, in small doses.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Nothing this year. I’m hoping to dress up as Hannah from Rat Queens next year though, but that will require a lot of planning.

Favourite thing about fall?


That’s it for the tag! Thank you to Katie for tagging me, I’m going to refrain from tagging any other bloggers and instead invite you all to answer whichever questions you like in the comments below.

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