Everyday Cosplay – Rat Queens

As much as I LOVE Halloween, during my teen/adult years I haven’t had many chances to dress up; It’s often been impractical or inappropriate for me to dress up for university or at work, as much as I’ve wanted to. Thankfully Everyday Cosplay is now something many people in the geek community are embracing; it creates a subtle way for all of us nerds who may not be able to dress up in full-blown costumes to partake in dressing up for Halloween and celebrating our favourite nerdy fandoms, and characters!

It’s no secret that Rat Queens is one of my all-time favourite comics (look at me throwing that statement around again), and I would love to dress up as Hannah at some point, but for the time being why not create Everyday Cosplay outfits for these kick-ass female adventurers? So if you’re looking for a subtle way to celebrate your favourite Rat Queen all year ’round, or need a last-minute costume idea why not take the Everyday Cosplay approach? Check out my Rat Queens outfit inspirations below:


Jeans: Forever21, Dress: GAP Canada, Cuff: Forever21, Belt: Le Chateau, Boots: Ardene


Dress: Hot Topic, Earrings: Hot Topic, Necklace: ASOS, Ring: ASOS, Socks: Ebay, Boots: Dr Martens


Jacket: Hot Topic, Socks: Hot Topic, Skirt: Forever21, Crop Top: Charlotte Russe, Boots: Aldo, Belt: ASOS, Necklace: Forever21


Top: Forever21, Cardigan: ModCloth, Pants: Old Navy, Belt: Ardene, Bracelets: Forever21, Loafers: ASOS

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