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Badass Female Comic Creators You Need To Know

While the comic industry is still predominately male creators writing/illustrating predominately male characters, we have made huge strides in the last few yeas when it comes to female creators and characters and that’s something to celebrate! Today is International Women’s Day so what better time to honor some of the amazing female creators in the industry. Check out these incredibly badass female comic creators you need to know:

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Kelly Sue DeConnick

female comic creators
image source: alchetron

Notable WorksCaptain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet

What can you say about Kelly Sue DeConnick? She’s one of the most successful comic creators around, and has launched a following of strong, confident women (and men) through the Carol Corps (Captain Marvel) and Non-Compliant (Bitch Planet).

She regularly supports the work of other women – in comics or otherwise (just check her twitter!), and is just an all around amazing comic writer. Her work is some of the most notable in the recent uprising that has tried to push the comics industry to be more representative of women and diversity (in characters and creators) and rightfully so – she was able to successfully transition Carol Danvers into Captain Marvel (a title that was previously assigned to a male character) a strong, confident, and intelligent leader, and her creator-owned work, Bitch Planet is a feminist’s dream.

Do yourself a favour and do two things – read any of Kelly Sue’s work, and follow her on tumblr and twitter. She posts some of the best stuff in support of women, and diversity. If you want to read more about Kelly Sue check out these great articles:

Vanity Fair Profile

NPR – Planet ‘B’: How A Feminist Comic Book Found Devoted Fans Through Absurdity

The Mary Sue – Why Bitch Planet Is Inspiring Women to Get Badass Feminist Tattoos

Kelly Thompson

female comic creators
image source: The Mary Sue

Notable Works: Jem and the Holograms, Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps

Kelly Thompson’s work on Jem and the Holograms alone has made her a force to be reckoned with as a female comic creator. She has created arguably one of the most inclusive comics out there right now by representing females, people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community all within a single title. Not to mention, Jem is just an overall fantastic comic – it is incredibly fun but still manages to give serious issues the attention and representation they deserve.

Kelly also wrote the column She Has No Head for ComicBookResources which you can find here, where Kelly covers all kinds of great topics about ladies in comics and the industry.

You can read an interview with Kelly Thompson for Previews here.

Babs Tarr

female comic creators
image source: Eat Geek Play

Notable WorksBatgirl (of Burnside)

If being the first female ongoing artist for a Batman-related title isn’t enough to solidify Babs’ place as badass female comics creator then I don’t know what is. Her work on the “new Batgirl” resulted in a lot of media coverage for the latest run, due in part to the costume change – trading in Batgirl’s usual skin-tight leotard for a more modern and practical outfit consisting of a leather jacket, boots, pants and of course a cape and tool-belt.

After her work on Batgirl there is no doubt that she will continue to be a major player in the comics industry, and one of many fantastic female comic artists.

You can check Babs out on Twitter and Tumblr, and you can read more about her in these articles:

Charleston City Paper – Mt. Pleasant’s Babs Tarr joins the Bat Family and helps give Batgirl a much-needed Veronica Mars makeover 

Women Write About Comics – Zooming in on Badass Ladies: Interview with Babs Tarr

Emma Rios

female comic creators
image source: Women In Comics Wikia

Notable WorksPretty Deadly, Hexed, Doctor Strange, Mirror

Emma Rios has made herself known by creating some of the most beautiful comics you’ve ever seen, and working on titles with some of the biggest names in comics like Kelly Sue DeConnick on Pretty Deadly and Greg Pak on Doctor Strange: Season One.

Perhaps its her experience in architecture, but the precision and detail that go into Emma’s work is incredible – it’s no wonder she was able to make the transition from the small community of comic creators in Spain to the American comic book industry.

I have no doubt that she will continue to make a name for herself as one of the best comic book artists out there, she truly has an amazing gift for storytelling through illustration.

If you want to read more about Emma Rios check out these articles:

Groupthink – Comic Book Wednesday’s: Spotlight on Emma Rios

Paste Magazine – Pretty Deadly: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios’ Wild West Fantasy, Part 2

Multiversity Comics – Artist August: Emma Rios


Check Out More Badass Ladies in Comics:

Fiona Staples

female comic creators
image source: Marvel Wikia

Notable WorksArchie, Saga

Twitter | Tumblr | Multiversity Interview

G. Willow Wilson

female comic creators
image source: Comic Vine

Notable WorksMs. Marvel, Air, A-Force

Twitter | Tumblr | Vulture Interview

Gail Simone

female comic creators
image source: Comic Vine

Notable WorksBirds of Prey, Batgirl (New 52)

Twitter | Tumblr | Previews Interview

Becky Cloonan

female comic creators
image source: Destroya News

Notable Works: Southern Cross, Gotham Academy

Twitter | Tumblr | Website | Geek & Sundry Article

Kate Beaton

female comic creators
image source: Kate Beaton Tumblr

Notable WorksHark! A Vagrant

Twitter | Tumblr | Globe and Mail Article | Time Interview

Marguerite Bennett

female comic creators
image source: Comics Beat

Notable Works: Bombshells, A-Force, Angela: Queen of Hel

Twitter | Tumblr | The Mary Sue Interview

Kate Leth

female comic creators
image source: The Chronicle Herald

Notable Works: Kate or  DieAdventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Patsy Walker aka Hellcat!, Forming the Valkyries (community of female comic shop employees/owners)

Twitter | Tumblr | Website | Women Write About Comics Interview


There are so many awesome female creators out there, these are just a few to check out. If you’re looking for more awesome female comic creators, female-led or diverse comics ask your local comic shop or you can tweet me for recommendations.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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  1. Excellent list! Although they’re not as high profile as some of the other women on your list I would also like to nominate Chynna Clugston-Flore (Blue Monday, Scooter Girl, Hopeless Savages & the upcoming Gotham Academy/Lumberjanes crossover) & Noella Stevenson (Lumberjanes & Nimona)

  2. LOVE this post! I’m so proud of all the ladies you mentioned – It’s the most amazing time to be a woman in the comic book industry. Babs Tarr though – damn that woman can draw. I love everything she comes up with <3

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