Effective: January 18, 2016

While we’re usually all fun and games here on Geeks & Lattes, sometimes we’ve got to talk a bit of business.

Geeks & Lattes isn’t written solely for financial gain. However, the costs of running a blog are sometimes difficult to maintain.

As of December 2009 the FTC requires bloggers to disclose things like affiliate links, free products received, sponsors, etc. in hopes to create transparency and avoid biases or hidden interests. Being a blogger from Canada, I am not required to comply, but given that some of the businesses, affiliates, etc. that I work with or may work with in the future are based in the United States – Geeks & Lattes will comply with these FTC standards.

All posts that contain affiliate links, or where I received free products, or if I am sponsored in any way will also be disclosed within the post itself.

If I receive compensation in anyway, I maintain that this will not influence my opinion. Geeks & Lattes does not accept any form of compensation in exchange for good reviews, or positive promotion. If something sucks – I’m going to tell you, and similarly, if something is amazing – I’m going to tell you that too!

The fact of the matter is, things like affiliate programs, and other forms of compensation help me to maintain this blog, and just generally helps support richer content but I will never push you to buy a product, or visit a link. That’s just not what I’m about, I respect you as readers!

Geeks & Lattes will always put out quality content FIRST, and only use affiliate programs and similar means of compensation when appropriate.

Affiliate Disclosures:

Geeks & Lattes (Stacey McDonald) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.