Commissioned Portrait by the AmazingNic ter Horst
Commissioned Portrait by the Amazing Nic ter Horst

My name is Stacey (with an ‘ey’). I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada with my overly-anxious Guinea Pig – Nova. I have a BAH in Psychology, work full-time and study addictions (because professional Fangirl isn’t a “practical” career). I’ve been a nerd pretty much since birth (thanks dad!) and decided I needed a space to write about and share all my nerdy interests with my fellow fangirls (and guys, of course).

I’m incredibly sarcastic, I have a passion for comics, obsess over TV shows and love baking so much I have a whisk tattoo. I also tend to get a little too defensive when asked to discuss which is better – Marvel or DC (MARVEL, ALWAYS MARVEL…ahem…sorry). I tend to write with lots of side notes, as you could probably tell by my excessive use of “()” in the little text I’ve written so far, and in real life I tend to do the same…just with post it notes.

You can usually find me fangirling about : coffee shops, Marvel, comics, Supernatural, crossbows, Buffy, baking, Veronica Mars, books, psychology, an endless list of other TV shows, badass women, PC games, and cute animals.

I’m an occasional blogger over at International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club (IGGPPC) where I write a Geek 101 series, and a Comics Recommendations Series called Comics For. You can find all my posts for IGGPPC here.




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